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IPH shall not be liable for the wrong use of facilities and services rendered due to power cuts or disruptions of any nature or due to any other failure that is not attributable to IPH, nor shall it be liable in case that USER’S equipment is affected by a virus or by any other elements included in the contents that may cause any alterations in USER’S systems, programs, or files.

USER shall be fully liable to both, IPH and third parties for damages occurred as a result of his/her actions, the actions of his/her employees or third parties that are connected to the WEBSITE through the USER.

USER assumes full responsibility to hold all the companies in the IPH group, its officers, directors, employees and/or representatives for any damages, direct and/or indirect inherent or consequential expenses or fees arising in connection with the WEBSITE, its undue use or impossibility of use.

Also, USER assumes full liability to indemnify in case IPH should indemnify others for any claim, out-of-court claim; mediation or for any complaint filed by any individual or legal entity as a result of breach of law or any regulations, or due to the wrong use of the service.

IPH shall not be liable to the USER or to third parties for damages occurred to USER or to third parties as a result of the actions of other USERS or third parties, and as a result of breach of the laws or regulations, or due to any other offences of for the wrongful use of the service.


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Such terms and conditions of use, the method used to access the service, and any other technical conditions or of any other nature, or the same commercial and market conditions as governing the services offered at any time, may be changed by IPH without requiring service of any prior or subsequent notice whatsoever.

Such changes shall be made unilaterally by IPH and they may be full or partial changes to the terms and conditions. Therefore, USER is advised to control terms and conditions of use periodically.

Also, IPH reserves the right to delete the WEBSITE without requiring service of any notice on USER or it may prevent access to USERS who fail to comply with the WEBSITE use obligations.

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